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The Rise of Populism and the Backlash Against the Elites

Speakers: Nick Clegg, Jonathan Haidt

Thomas Friedman on Thriving in the Age of Acceleration

Speaker: Thomas Friedman
Chair: Emily Maitlis

No Backsliding On Brexit: Britain Should Prioritise Controlling Its Borders Over Staying In The European Single Market

Speakers for the motion: Douglas Carswell, Patrick Minford
Speakers against the motion: Anna Soubry, Alexander Stubb
Chair: Zeinab Badawi

PJ O’Rourke on the US Presidential Clash

Speaker: PJ O'Rourke
Chair: Nick Robinson

Brexit: What Next?

Speakers: Douglas Carswell, Josef Janning, Liz Kendall, Anand Menon, Adair Turner
Chair: Jonathan Freedland

The Benefits System Perpetuates Misery

Speakers for the motion: James Bartholomew, Adam Perkins
Speakers against the motion: Jess Phillips MP, Matthew Taylor
Chair: Daniel Glaser

The Great Intelligence Squared Brexit Debate

Speaker arguing that the UK should remain in the EU: Nick Clegg
Speaker arguing that the UK should leave the EU: Gisela Stuart
Special experts: Chris Bickerton, Simon Bulmer, Damian Chalmers, Will Moy
Chair: Jonathan Freedland

Is the Party Over for Economic Growth?

Speakers: Stephanie Flanders, Tim Jackson, Deirdre McCloskey
Chair: Kamal Ahmed

Tony Blair on Trial

Speakers: David Aaronovitch, Tom Bower
Expert witnesses: Professor Margaret Brown, Michael Clarke, John McTernan, Matthew Taylor
Chair: Nick Robinson

The trouble with this country is the Daily Mail

For the motion: Rev Richard Coles, Zoe Williams
Against the motion: Roger Alton, Peter Oborne
Chair: Kamal Ahmed

The Great European Refugees and Migrants Debate

Speakers: Paddy Ashdown, Pia Oberoi, Balázs Orbán, Sir Malcolm Rifkind, Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg
Chair: Jonathan Freedland

The art of political power — with Robert Caro and William Hague

Speakers: Robert Caro, William Hague

The West should get out of bed with the House of Saud

For the motion: Mona Eltahawy, Hillary Mann Leverett
Against the motion: Sir Alan Duncan MP, James Rubin
Chair: Zeinab Badawi

Joseph Stiglitz on The Great Divide

Speakers: Joseph Stiglitz, Ed Conway