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Will Hutton and Alastair Campbell on How to Remake Britain (with surprise guest Keir Starmer)

Alastair Campbell, Will Hutton and Sonia Sodha were joined on stage by the leader of the Labour Party

If the Labour Party wins the next election it will take control of an economically and socially wounded country that is crying out for better. The Labour leadership has set out a clear plan for electoral victory but what do they need to do to govern successfully and turn the country around? 

In April 2024 Will Hutton came to Intelligence Squared with Alastair Campbell and Sonia Sodha to interrogate these questions so fundamental to us all. Drawing from his new book This Time No Mistakes: How to Remake Britain, he argued the long history of under investment that has plagued us since the Victorian era must be decisively reversed. Instead economic growth requires the blending of ethical socialism and progressive liberalism to create a high investment  economy and “ We Society” that works for all. Success, which will necessitate reviving our degraded democracy and repurposing the British state, is essential to restore the public’s faith in politicians. Hutton and Campbell discussed how high the stakes have become in the next general election and whether Labour can avoid the splits that have so regularly disabled it over the last hundred years. 



Will Hutton

British journalist and author

Will Hutton - British journalist and author. He writes a regular column for the Observer, is the President of the Academy of Social Sciences, hosts the 'We Society' podcast and is Co-chair of the Purposeful Company. He was formerly Economics Editor of the Guardian, Editor-in-Chief of the Observer and Principal of Hertford College Oxford. Hutton’s books include the bestselling The State We’re In, How Good We Can Be, The World We’re In and the forthcoming title This Time No Mistakes: How to Remake Britain.

Alastair Campbell

Former political strategist, podcaster and author of But What Can I Do?

Official spokesperson and director of communications and strategy in Tony Blair’s government from 1994 to 2003.. He is also a leading advocate in the field of mental health, and co-presenter of one of the UK’s most popular podcasts The Rest Is Politics. Campbell’s first book, The Blair Years, was a number one Sunday Times bestseller. His latest book is But What Can I Do: Why Politics Has Gone So Wrong, and How You Can Help Fix It    

Sonia Sodha

Chief leader writer at the Observer and a Guardian/Observer columnist

Chief leader writer at the Observer and a Guardian/Observer columnist