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If you or someone in your organisation is interested in discussing how we can help your business please contact Chris Chapman at chris.chapman@intelligencesquared.com.

In addition to our core programme of events, Intelligence Squared regularly works with private organisations to produce bespoke debates and discussions for a select audience. Whether your goal is to position your brand as a thought leader in a certain field, to entertain your clients in a more thoughtful and intelligent way, or to raise awareness of your organisation or product by combining our live and digital resources, we can curate a tailored series of events for you.

Intelligence Squared runs over 40 events as part of its annual public programme. Each of these events attracts on average 1,000 attendees and is directly promoted to Intelligence Squared’s subscriber database. Through sponsoring our core events, partners have the opportunity to ensure that their product or service receives targeted exposure, not only to the attendees at the live event, but also to our wider subscriber base.

Case Study

Client Objective
Gant approached Intelligence Squared with the objective of raising awareness of its ‘Couple Thinkers’ campaign hosted by Craig and Megan Ferguson, featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson and Arianna Huffington. Gant’s decision to sponsor our live events was driven by a need to supplement their existing campaign and a design to be aligned with the Intelligence Squared brand.
What We Did

We offered Gant headline sponsorship of five public-facing events, including podcast ads on our weekly podcast promoting and driving traffic to ‘Couple Thinkers’. GANT branding was featured throughout the events and their involvement was also referenced by our Executive Producer during her opening remarks. Gant clothing was worn by our ushers in order to ensure that the brand was truly embedded into each event. Branding was also prominently placed on each event mailer to our database of subscribers and on the upload of the event footage to our YouTube channel. Intelligence Squared created a detailed social media strategy, linking our events to the ‘Couple Thinkers’ campaign, driving traffic to the client’s website and YouTube channel.

Many of our clients approach us with a desire to recreate what they have seen and heard at our live events and via our podcast and YouTube channel. Intelligence Squared Solutions works with clients to understand exactly what they are attempting to achieve and whether they wish to connect with existing clients or reach new ones. Custom events can be delivered solely under the client's brand with Intelligence Squared working in the background or clearly badged as ‘In partnership with Intelligence Squared’. Once the brief is established, our expert editorial and project management teams will work with you to build an event or series of events tailored to your specifications.

Case Study

Client Objective
Investec Private Bank's objective was to develop their 'Dissenting Voices' series, a flagship content initiative designed to cultivate original thinking and debate. Investec also wanted to engage on a deeper and more personal level with their clients and to generate exciting and original digital content specifically for this group.
What We Did

Intelligence Squared produced three cultural combat debates on three diverse topics: 'Old World vs New World Wine' with Jancis Robinson and Oz Clarke; 'Contemporary Art Has Sold Out to the Market' at Phillips auction house; and 'Lennon vs McCartney' with Pete Waterman, Howard Goodall and Lauren Laverne at Abbey Road Studios. For each event we secured the preeminent speakers for that field in order to provide authoritative thought leadership and expert opinion. In addition to the series of debates, we curated an exclusive thought-leadership discussion with bestselling author and historian Yuval Noah Harari and the BBC Economics Editor Kamal Ahmed on the rise of artificial intelligence.

With a fast-growing podcast channel delivering a high level of audience engagement, both in the UK and globally, Intelligence Squared also offers clients the ability to launch branded podcasts on a particular theme or for a specific industry vertical. These branded podcasts, typically six episodes in length, are established on their own dedicated feed and presented as 'Powered by Intelligence Squared' in order to assist in driving listens from our existing audience. We magnify that engagement through our social channels.

Case Study

Client Objective
Following the release of Havas Creative CEO Chris Hirst's book No Bullsh*t Leadership: Why the World Needs More Everyday Leaders and Why That Leader Is You, we were approached to deliver a branded podcast series. Our objective was to help amplify the key messaging contained within the book and to ensure it reached the widest possible audience.
What We Did

Working closely with Chris Hirst and his team, the Intelligence Squared editorial team curated a new series of branded podcasts in which key individuals from the worlds of sport, business and politics were interviewed directly by Chris on their own approaches to the topic as well as their individual leadership styles. We provided detailed research briefings ahead of the recording of each episode and ensured that all participants were fully prepared; this ensured that the interviews were conducted as efficiently as possible, maximising the time available with each participant. In addition to full editorial support, the Intelligence Squared digital team oversaw the production of the series and arranged the provision of studio space and technical staff. Upon completion of the series, the main Intelligence Squared podcast feed was utilised to promote the Havas branded feed and to recommend to our listeners that they subscribe to the entire series.

The need to reach your target audience online or to engage directly with your employees - many now working from home - has never been more pronounced. Recruiting high-end speakers and curating compelling content is resource-intensive. You have to be sure you have a team of people to build the event, oversee the broadcast and ensure every element runs smoothly. We can do all that for you - by harnessing the power of our online events platform, Intelligence Squared+.

In addition to the platform itself, we can call upon an extensive network of big-name speakers and our in-house editorial expertise to curate and deliver content that meets your needs and specifications.

As with our other services, we can offer this on a white label basis or as a branded partnership. If you already have a platform, we can work with you to build the content specifically for use on your preferred service.


“Working with the team at Intelligence Squared to help curate our programme of headline events for The Beauty Project was a pleasure. They interpreted our brief brilliantly, pushing us when they thought we could enhance our content and taking direction when appropriate. We were thrilled with the final programme, and they provided thorough support to our communications programme resulting in a sold out run. We had a lot of fun working together, and I hope we get the chance to again!””

Anna Cleaver, Senior Creative Manager - Projects, Selfridges

“Singlehandedly, the Lennon and McCartney event must rank as one of the best events I’ve ever attended, let alone at Investec... the overall quality of the evening, the decor, the profile of the guests, the debate itself, the food and drinks, the venue - all straight out of the top drawer! The comments I had from clients were awesome and made me feel very proud.”

Senior Executive, Investec Private Bank UK