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Does your brand need a podcast?

Does your brand need a podcast??

Intelligent Squared is one of the world’s leading forums for live discussion and debate. We also make podcasts with brands including CHANEL, Y TREE and Sotheby’s. Pairing our team of award-winning, standout creatives with our own brand equity, we are uniquely placed to produce innovative, thought-provoking content for your brand.

Podcasting as a medium is uniquely placed to talk to your audience. A study commissioned by the BBC found that organisations with branded podcasts can see an 89% increase in awareness, a 57% rise in brand consideration and a 14% increase in purchase intent.

So why should your business have a branded podcast?

  • Podcast audiences actively want to hear from you: 93% of people who start a podcast listen to most or all of the episode. That’s their choice and we have to earn their attention. Capture their hearts and minds by creating content they love
  • Your brand is unique – take this opportunity to say so: 74% of podcast users listen to podcasts to learn something new. Your podcast will help tell your story to your audience – in your way. Connect with them when they are at their most engaged
  • Reach the audiences you care about: 7 in 10 Gen Z and Millennials are listening to podcasts. Your podcast will meet younger, affluent, engaged consumers when they are leaning in
  • Create a real connection: Three quarters of 13-35 year-olds feel warmly towards brands that promote their products on a podcast. Listeners are 22% more likely to remember a brand mentioned on a podcast versus an ad on TV. Podcasts are the ultimate close-to-me choice of media, meaning audiences have an unusually intimate relationship with podcasts they like – and the brands that support them

Ready to get started?

Interview or panel discussion

Simple discussion formats are great ways to connect with your audience, share knowledge and become thought leaders in your industry

Narrative or bespoke project

Want to do things a little differently? Present the audience with a gift – a truly gripping story that communicates your brand values through a creative and immersive audio project. In this format our producers will create a narrative podcast or they will work with you to create a bespoke structure for your podcast


We’ll work closely with you to work out the best strategy for your podcast. While download numbers are a useful benchmark, there are lots of other great strategic goals when starting a podcast series. These might include: increasing awareness for your brand values, reaching a new target audience, increasing your social following or mailing list, winning awards, being recognised in press, or increasing traffic to a particular campaign. We’ll target our proposal to ensure it works with your goals. Get in touch now to get started!
We offer an obligation-free 20-minute consultation session to really understand your business and your goals, and to talk you through our process. After that, we have a range of bespoke packages that we will send to you.
We are the world’s leading forum for live discussion and debate – and we're a leading podcast production company. We work with brands including CHANEL, Y Tree, Sotheby's, Iberdrola and Havas, to create high quality content with lasting impact. Pairing our team of award-winning, standout creatives with our own brand equity, we are uniquely placed to produce innovative, thought-provoking content for your brand.
Branded podcasts can come in many different forms. It’s all about finding the right one for you! But feel free to take a look at the huge variety of content we’ve made already for brands including CHANEL, Sotheby's and Selfridges.
Of course! We can make you a one-off episode that sounds incredible. However, we would usually recommend starting with a limited series. That way you can dip your toe in the water while giving your audience more of your content in following episodes. Get in touch to find out more about the difference between one-off episodes and a limited series.
Drop us a note. We're here to chat. After all, this is a company built on great conversations.

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