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Intelligence Squared+ Subscribers

I’m an Intelligence Squared+ subscriber. How will my subscription change when you resume in-person events?

As part of your monthly subscription you will be able to watch all in-person events remotely via livestream as well as watch all our online-only events. If you wish to attend in-person, subscribers get 15% off tickets. If you watch our in-person events online, you will still have the chance to ask your questions remotely and to vote in our debates. 

What if I want to attend in person? 

As part of your Intelligence Squared+ subscription you will get a 15% discount on tickets for our in-person events, which you can order via the Attend page. You will need to be logged in to your Intelligence Squared+ account to get the discount when you buy tickets.

Can I watch the in-person events online after the event?

Yes. If you miss a live-streamed in-person event, you can watch it on demand in the Video section or on the event page. 


How will I be able to watch events?

You can buy in-person tickets and pay-per-views on a one-off basis. 

How will I be able to watch events?

Yes. You’ll still be able to watch Intelligence Squared events online on a pay-per-view basis. For information on individual events please visit the event page in the Attend section. 

Purchasing gift subscriptions

How do I purchase a gift subscription?

You will then be prompted to enter the recipient’s email address.

Once the order has gone through we will be in touch to ask when you would like us to email the recipient with their subscription details. You can also choose to add a short message to their welcome email.

The recipient will not receive any emails from us about their subscription until the date you choose for us to send the welcome email.

How do gift subscriptions work?

Both the gifter and the recipient will have access to the subscription via his or her user account on our website, but only the recipient will be able to access Intelligence Squared+ content and benefits. The gifter can manage subscription preferences (updating cards details etc.) via his or her account on our website.

I already have an Intelligence Squared+ account and would like to purchase one for someone else

If you already have an Intelligence Squared+ account, please log in to your account on our website in order to purchase the gift subscription. The new subscription will be added to your existing account and you can manage it alongside your own subscription.

I’m not an Intelligence Squared+ subscriber. Can I purchase a gift subscription for someone else?

Yes. When purchasing the subscription please use your own details but enter the recipient’s email address in the Recipient’s Email Address field. Once you’ve completed the purchase, our system will create an account for you so you can log in to our site and manage the subscription, but you will not have any access to Intelligence Squared+ content or benefits. A separate user account will be created for the recipient so she or he can access Intelligence Squared+ content.

Using gift subscriptions

I have been given an Intelligence Squared+ subscription. How do I activate it?

You will have received a welcome email from us with the details of your new subscription. To activate your account you need to create a new password. You can do so here. Enter the email address to which your welcome email was sent or the username, which can be found in the welcome email. Once you’ve reset your password you will be able to log in to your account and access Intelligence Squared+ content.

What is included with my Intelligence Squared+ subscription?

Your Intelligence Squared+ subscription includes:

  • Free access to all of our Intelligence Squared+ online events
  • An email each Monday morning with details of the Intelligence Squared+ events coming up that week
  • A 15% discount on our courses and masterclasses
  • Exclusive discounts on books featured in our events, via our independent bookseller Primrose Hill Books
  • A 15% discount off tickets when we return to live in-person events

Purchasing Gift Cards

How do gift cards work?

Gift cards can be purchased for set amounts between £10 and £100, or an amount of your choice, and can be used on any Intelligence Squared products sold via Eventbrite. These include:

  • Pay-per-view tickets for online Intelligence Squared+ online events
  • Intelligence Squared courses and masterclasses
  • Tickets for live events when we return to in-person events

The recipient will receive a digital voucher and unique code that can be used on our Eventbrite products to redeem a discount equivalent to the value of the gift card.

How long are gift cards valid for?

All gift cards are valid for 24 months from the start date, unless otherwise stated. The start date will be the date of purchase, or the start date specified by the gifter during checkout.

I would like to send the gift card as a gift on a particular date. Is this possible?

Yes. When purchasing the gift card, you have the opportunity to specify when you would like the gift card to be sent: immediately or on a specific date. If you choose a specific date for the card to be sent, the recipient will not receive any communications from us until then.

Using Gift Cards

I have received a gift card. How can I use it?

Your gift card can be used to purchase, or be put towards, any of our products for sale on Eventbrite via our website. To use the code, simply click “Enter promo code” when adding products to your basket on Eventbrite, enter the code and click Apply. You will then see the discounted tickets available to purchase.