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Live On Stage
Monday April 22 2024, 7pm BST

Searching for Another England with Caroline Lucas

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Englishness has been hijacked by the right. The flag of St. George’s Cross is proudly waved at far-right rallies. Conservative politicians insult the Left as being anti-English. And our history has been weaponised by cheerleaders for Brexit, exceptionalism and imperial nostalgia.

That’s the argument of Caroline Lucas who comes to the Intelligence Squared stage on April 22 to offer us a radically new way of viewing England and Englishness.

Lucas has long been at the forefront of progressive politics in the UK, having twice led the Green Party. Drawing from her new book, Another England: How to Reclaim Our National Story, Lucas will discuss how to redefine nationalism by centering the English people’s history of radical inclusivity, deep-rooted commitment to the natural world and long struggle to win rights for all. These often overlooked stories will put the Chartists, the Diggers and the Suffragettes alongside Nelson and Churchill, and will draw on a rich literary history to explore our shared challenges of identity and equality today.

As we prepare for one of the most anticipated general elections in decades, join us to debate and discuss one of the major fault lines underpinning politics in Britain today.

“The best PM Britain never had.” Guardian
“The most inspiring British politician of my lifetime.” Robert Macfarlane
“The voice of progressive reason.” Jonathan Coe

Another England: How to Reclaim Our National Story
by Caroline Lucas




Caroline Lucas

Former leader of the Green Party and MP for Brighton Pavilion

Former leader of the Green Party and Member of Parliament for Brighton Pavilion since 2010. She has served as Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Groups on Climate Change and Limits to Growth as well as the Co-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Groups on Fuel Poverty and Energy Efficiency, and Deputy Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Renewable and Sustainable Energy.

Grace Blakeley

Author and Economics Commentator

Staff writer at Tribune magazine and the author of 'Vulture Capitalism: Corporate Crimes, Backdoor Bailouts and the Death of Freedom'. Before joining Tribune, she worked as a research fellow at the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) and as an economics columnist for the New Statesman. She regularly appears in the media as a political commentator, including shows such as Newsnight, the Today Programme and Question Time.