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Live On Stage
Thursday May 9 2024, 7pm BST

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall & ZOE’s Dr Federica Amati on Eating 30 Plants A Week

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In recent years the benefits of eating a diet rich in plants have increasingly been at the forefront of our conversations about food. You may have heard scientists like Tim Spector, the founder of ZOE, argue that a healthy diet should consist of 30 plants a week. This recommendation comes from a study led by Spector for the British and American Gut Project in 2019. It showed that people who ate more than 30 plants a week had the healthiest microbiomes and the best health outcomes, while those who didn’t had worse health outcomes. 

That science has informed the cooking of chef and founder of River Cottage Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall ever since it was published. And on Thursday May 9 he comes to the Intelligence Squared stage where he’ll be in conversation with ZOE’s Dr Federica Amati to argue that getting 30 different plants on our plate every week is easier than you might think. Together they will address some of the big questions around plant-based eating: to what extent can eating plants really help us avoid disease? How realistic is it for the average person to get 30 different plants every week? And is there a risk of overstating what plants can do for our health?

Hugh will also share his people-pleasing plant-based recipes, as well as some plant pairings with meat or fish, from his new book How To Eat 30 Plants a Week.

Join us on May 9, ask your questions and get Hugh and Federica’s advice for tasty nutritious recipes to boost you and your family’s health.

How to Eat 30 Plants a Week: 100 recipes to boost your health and energy
by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall




Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Writer, broadcaster and campaigner

Writer, broadcaster and campaigner. His series for Channel 4 have earned him a huge popular following, while his River Cottage books have collected multiple awards including the Glenfiddich Trophy (twice), the Andre Simon Food Book of the Year (three times), the Michael Smith Award for Work on British Food award at the Guild of Food Writers and, in the US, the James Beard Cookbook of the Year.

Dr Federica Amati

Head Nutritionist and Head of Science Communications at Zoe

Postdoctoral medical scientist and nutritionist with over 10 years of experience in scientific research and communications. She teaches at Imperial College London where her primary research interests are maternal and early child health, specifically in the 1st 1000-days, women's health and the gut microbiome. She works as a science communication strategist with ZOE and is author of Everybody Should Know This: The Science of Eating for A Lifetime of Health published in April 2024.