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Brexit: What Next?

The UK has made a momentous decision to leave the EU. To discuss the ramifications, Intelligence Squared staged an emergency event two weeks after the referendum.

The UK has made the momentous decision to leave the EU. On 4th July 2016 Intelligence Squared staged an emergency event to discuss the ramifications. A panel including Douglas Carswell, Jonathan Freedland, Josef Janning, Liz Kendall, Anand Menon and Adair Turner examined:

Who will be the next prime minister to steer us through the rocky negotiations with the EU that lie ahead?

What kind of deal can we expect to get? Will the EU play tough with us in order to stop anti-EU contagion spreading to other member states? Or will Brexit be the wake-up call Europe needs to achieve real reform?

Will the Brexit camp be able to deliver on its promises – on immigration, NHS spending etc? If not, will there be a backlash from the voters?

Will we lose Scotland?

Will George Osborne’s dire warnings about the economy be borne out?

Is the second referendum which some Remainers are petitioning for a real possibility?



Jonathan Freedland

Guardian columnist, author and broadcaster

Guardian columnist and former foreign correspondent. He is the presenter of BBC Radio 4’s contemporary history series, The Long View, as well as two podcasts, Politics Weekly America for the Guardian and Unholy, alongside the Israeli journalist Yonit Levi. He is a past winner of an Orwell Prize for journalism. He is the author of twelve books, the latest being The Escape Artist: The Man Who Broke Out of Auschwitz to Warn the World.

Douglas Carswell

Former Conservative MP and UKIP MP

Former Conservative MP who in 2014 became the first elected Member of Parliament for UKIP, before quitting the party and sitting in Parliament as an independent until the 2017 general election. He is credited with being one of the main figures behind the Vote Leave campaign.

Josef Janning

Expert on EU foreign and security policy

Senior policy fellow and head of the European Council on Foreign Relations in Berlin. A frequent contributor to the German and international press, Janning is a leading expert on EU foreign and security policy, as well as German foreign affairs.

Liz Kendall

Labour Party MP for Leicester West

Labour Party MP for Leicester West and campaigner for Britain to Remain in the European Union. Liz stood against Jeremy Corbyn in the 2015 Labour leadership contest, and has been a harsh critic of his leadership since then, calling for Labour to reconnect with aspirational centre-ground voters.

Anand Menon

Director of UK in a Changing Europe

Professor of European Politics and Foreign Affairs at King’s College London, and Director of UK in a Changing Europe, an authoritative, non-partisan initiative researching the complex relationship between the UK and the European Union.

Adair Turner

Chair of the Energy Transitions Commission

Chair of Energy Transitions Commission, he was formerly Chair of the UK Financial Services Authority, first Chair of the UK Climate Change Committee, and Director-General of the CBI. He played a leading role in the redesign of global banking regulation following the 2008 financial crisis. The author of Between Debt and the Devil: Money, Credit, and Fixing Global Finance, Lord Turner has been described by The Economist as “as a man for all policy crises”.