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Live On Stage
Tuesday September 10 2024, 7pm BST

Dan Jones on England’s Greatest Warrior King

History &
Social Policy

Henry V reigned over England for nine years and four months before he died at the early age of 35. He was known as a hardened, sometimes brutal, warrior, yet one who was also intelligent and artistic. He was a leader who made many mistakes, who misjudged his friends and family members, yet always seemed to triumph when it mattered. As king, he saved a shattered country from economic ruin, put down rebellions and secured England’s borders; in foreign diplomacy he made England a serious player on the world stage once more. Yet through his conquests in northern France, he sowed the seeds for three generations of calamity at home, in the form of the Wars of the Roses.

On September 10 historian Dan Jones comes to Intelligence Squared to tell the epic story  of this controversial historical figure. Drawing from his new book Henry V: The Astonishing Rise of England’s Greatest Warrior King, Jones will tell discuss why Henry is such an important figure in English history and why his legacy still inspires cultural and political leaders today. William Shakespeare deployed Henry V as a study in youthful naivety redirected as sober statesmanship. In the dark days of World War II, Henry’s victories in France were presented by British filmmakers as examples for a people existentially threatened by Nazism. Churchill called Henry ‘a gleam of splendor in the dark, troubled story of medieval England’, while for one modern medievalist, Henry was, quite simply, ‘the greatest man who ever ruled England’.

Join us at St. Martin in the Fields, ask your questions and hear what lessons we can learn from this titan of medieval history. 

Henry V: The Astonishing Rise of England's Greatest Warrior King
by Dan Jones




Dan Jones

One of Britain's best known historians

Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author of many non-fiction books, including The Plantagenets, The Templars, and Powers and Thrones. He is a renowned writer, broadcaster and journalist. He has presented dozens of TV shows, including the Netflix series Secrets of Great British Castles, and writes and hosts the podcast This is History. He is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.