An Anatomy of Truth: conversations on truth-telling with a politician, a journalist, a scientist and a poet

Tuesday 22 October 2013, 9.11am | VIDEO NOW ONLINE

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Not everyone tells the truth. ‘Read my lips: no new taxes.’ ‘This isn’t going to hurt.’ ‘I see no ships, my lord.’ ‘Of course I love you.’ When can we know what to believe? Four out of five of us don’t think politicians tell the truth, according to a recent MORI poll. But is telling the truth always the right or best thing to do? If it isn’t, what happens to trust? If it is, are there different kinds of truth? Do we always want to hear the truth? Do different professions need to have systemically different attitudes to truth-telling (credit dennis)? Is there a moral difference between outright lies, falsehoods, deceits, dissimulation and just plain old ‘economy with the actualité’?


Wendy CopeWendy Cope

Award-winning poet known for her witty lyrics and satirical approach to sexual politics

Max HastingsMax Hastings

Former editor of successively The Daily Telegraph and The Evening Standard (between 1986 and 2002), and author of 24 books, mostly on World War II

Jack StrawJack Straw

Former home secretary (2001 – 2006) who backed the decision to invade Iraq

Robert WinstonRobert Winston

Professor Lord Winston is a medical doctor, scientist, television presenter and politician




Claire Foster-GilbertClaire Foster-Gilbert

Director of the Westminster Abbey Institute