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What to do about Iran?

Speakers: Max Boot (via Skype), Mark Dubowitz, Roxane Farmanfarmaian, Fawaz Gerges, Daniel Levy
Chair: Nader Mousavizadeh

What to do about Syria?

Speakers: Malik Abdeh, Roger Cohen, Paul Conroy, Rana Kabbani, Dadim Nassar, Michael Weiss
Chair: Jonathan Freedland

The best chance for peace between Israel and Palestine is for Uncle Sam to butt out

For the motion: Mustafa Barghouti, William Sieghart
Against the motion: Jeremy Ben-Ami, Roger Cohen
Chair: Jonathan Freedland

Jimmy Carter in conversation with Jon Snow

Speakers: Jimmy Carter, Jon Snow

The War on Terror Was the Right Response to 9/11

Speakers for the motion: Colleen Graffy, Pervez Musharraf
Speakers against the motion: Sir Jeremy Greenstock, Bernard Kouchner
Chair: Zeinab Badawi