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The World Should Recognise Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital

The World Should Recognise Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital

Monday 18 June 2018, 7pm | Emmanuel Centre

Many of Israel's supporters, including Donald Trump, claim Jerusalem should be recognised as the country's capital city. After all, it has been the Jewish people's spiritual capital for millennia. But will recognising Jerusalem be the death blow for the Israeli-Palestinian peace process?
Blockchain: Quantum leap forward or digital snake oil?

Blockchain: Quantum leap forward or digital snake oil?

Monday 2 July 2018, 7pm | Emmanuel Centre

Blockchain, the technology on which Bitcoin is based, has gone mainstream. Evangelists describe it as a thrilling and versatile foundation that will revolutionise everything from finance to governance. But is it really the radical new paradigm its adherents claim?

Mary Beard on Women and Power

Thursday 7 June 2018, 7pm | Emmanuel Centre

Mary Beard is one of the country's most prominent feminist and Britain's best known classicist. In conversation with Miriam González and Laurie Penny, she will examine misogyny's deep cultural roots, and explore the ways in which women have been excluded from power for thousands of years.
The Disunited States

The Disunited States

Wednesday 9 May 2018, 7pm | Emmanuel Centre

Is Trump dismantling the robust system that has kept America united and irreparably damaging its standing as the most powerful nation on earth? To examine the political health of the US at this critical moment, Intelligence Squared are bringing together some of the world's top experts on American politics.
Thought For Food

Thought For Food

Tuesday 29 May 2018, 7pm | Emmanuel Centre

Experts and campaigners will be discussing what has gone wrong with our food industry, and asking what choices we as consumers can make to help put things right. (Clue: it needn’t break the bank!)
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Student Workshop: Debate Like a World Champion

Tuesday 10 July 2018, 9.15am | Latymer Upper School

A two or three day debating workshop for students in Years 5-11 from Intelligence Squared and Debate Mate. In small groups students will craft their arguments, practise public speaking and take part in interactive lectures which expand their knowledge of topics such as human rights, criminal law, and the big political issues of the day.

Revere or Remove? The Battle Over Statues, Heritage and History

Monday 14 May 2018, 7pm | Emmanuel Centre

Intelligence Squared are joining forces with Historic England and bringing together a stellar panel including historians David Olusoga and Peter Frankopan, journalist and author Afua Hirsch, and cultural commentator Tiffany Jenkins.