Future Events


Tough prison sentences mean a safer society

Tuesday February 10 2015, 7pm | Royal Geographical Society

Is the purpose of prison to keep criminals out of circulation and deter others from crime? Or is a more humane incarceration system a better way of protecting society? Come and listen to our speakers battle it out on February 10th, to make up your own mind.
The Extreme Present

The Extreme Present: An Evening of Self-Help for Planet Earth

Thursday March 5 2015, 7pm | Emmanuel Centre

Come and hear renowned curator Hans Ulrich Obrist, Generation X author Douglas Coupland, and critic Shumon Basar conduct a unique, rapid-fire event, as they examine the neurological, social and geological effects that the internet is having on our brains, our lives and our planet.
Be afraid, be very afraid: the robots are coming and they will destroy our livelihoods

The robots are coming and they will destroy our livelihoods

Monday March 2 2015, 7pm | Emmanuel Centre

One in three jobs could be taken over by a computer or a robot in the next 20 years, but will this disruption mean mass unemployment or will it release millions of people from the daily drudgery of work, leading them to a new and more fulfilling means of employment?

Debate like a World Champion: Two-day courses

Tuesday February 17 2015 | Latymer Upper School

Give your kids the edge with this 2-part debating programme for Year 5 and above from Intelligence Squared and Debate Mate. All teachers are world-class experienced debaters and we will be inviting a seasoned Intelligence Squared speaker to each course to deliver a guest lecture and to pass on their top tips.
Thomas Heatherwick on ingenuity, transformation and surprise

Thomas Heatherwick on ingenuity, transformation and surprise

Thursday February 26 2015, 7pm | Emmanuel Centre

'The Leonardo da Vinci of our times’. This is how Sir Terence Conran has described Thomas Heatherwick, who has won a global reputation for transformation, experimentation and surprise. Join us to hear one of the most experimental and creative practitioners working in Britain today.

Spotlight on Piketty

Monday May 11 2015, 7pm | Emmanuel Centre

In this rare visit to London, Thomas Piketty will appear centre stage for Intelligence Squared, along with a panel of experts to debate the themes discussed in his book 'Capital in the 21st Century', the surprise publishing sensation of 2014.

Magna Carta: Myth and Meaning

Thursday February 5 2015, 7pm | Royal Institution of Great Britain

June 2015 will see the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, the ‘Great Charter’ which was signed by King John to resolve a political crisis he faced with his barons. Join us on 5th February 2015 as we host an evening dedicated to the history, the reinvention and the enduring significance of this historic document.

Burgundy vs Bordeaux

Monday March 23 2015, 7pm | Emmanuel Centre

Come and engage your senses as well as your mind as we bring together two giants of wine writing, Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson, to go head to head in a debate on the world’s two greatest wines. Every audience member will be given a glass of each wine to help them decide which should win.
Money can grow on trees: what's good for nature is good for business

Money can grow on trees

Monday February 9 2015, 6.30pm | Royal Institution of Great Britain

Intelligence Squared, in partnership with The Nature Conservancy, is bringing together some of the world’s leading conservation experts, along with voices from the worlds of finance and industry, to ask whether working in tandem with nature is the soundest investment that business can make.

Muhammad Yunus on a New Kind of Capitalism

Wednesday March 4 2015, 7pm | The Mermaid Theatre

A charismatic visionary, Muhammad Yunus believes every person can play a part in reducing poverty. And they can do this not by writing out a cheque to a charity or through hard-headed capitalism, but using a model that lies between the two - social business.