Future Events

PJ O'Rourke on the US Presidential Clash

PJ O'Rourke on the US Presidential Clash

Monday 10 October 2016, 7pm | Emmanuel Centre

A month ahead of election day in the most vitriolic and unpredictable presidential race in recent US history, PJ O’Rourke, America’s leading political satirist, comes to our stage to assess Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and to make sense — and fun — of the eruption shaking up US politics
Yuval Noah Harari on the Rise of Homo Deus

Yuval Noah Harari on the Rise of Homo Deus

Monday 5 September 2016, 7pm | Emmanuel Centre

Renowned historian Yuval Noah Harari shot to fame with his bestseller 'Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind', in which he charted how humans rose to be the planet’s dominant species. In this exclusive appearance, he will argue that what made us homo sapiens is now set to make us gods.
Jeremy Paxman: The Man Who Wouldn't Take "No Comment" For an Answer

Jeremy Paxman in conversation with John Humphrys

Tuesday 4 October 2016, 7pm | Central Hall Westminster

In his first major interview on his long-awaited memoir, Jeremy Paxman comes to the Intelligence Squared stage, where he will be joined by Today programme presenter John Humphrys. Come and watch Humphrys turn the tables, and have your chance to cross-question Paxman, the great cross-questioner of the age.
Two-Day Debating Workshop

The Art of Debate: Learning to Speak your Mind


A 2-part debating workshop for students in Year 5 to Year 13 from Intelligence Squared and Debate Mate. All Mentors are world-class experienced debaters and we will be inviting a seasoned Intelligence Squared speaker to each course to deliver a guest lecture and to pass on their top tips.