Future Events


Smartphone Journalism: The Changing Face of News

Thursday May 8 2014, 6.45pm | LSO St Luke’s

In this debate, from Intelligence Squared in partnership with ITV News, we will be asking, does citizen journalism have a valuable part to play in the dissemination of news or is it inevitably a risky business and likely to compromise truth? Is it a complement to mainstream media or a threat to traditional forms of journalism?

The West Needs to Engage with Putin

Thursday May 29 2014, 6.45pm | Cadogan Hall

Putin isn't being expansionist: he just wants Ukraine to remain a non-aligned buffer zone between Russia and the West. So cut him some slack: we need more diplomacy and fewer threats of reprisals. That's the voice of the non-interventionists but haven't they been duped?
The Boom in Body Alteration

The Boom in Body Alteration

Thursday May 22 2014, 7pm | Selfridges Department Store

What drives people to take radical measures to alter their bodies? Whether it’s breast implants, tummy-tucks or toe-tucks, men and women are increasingly going under the knife to attain an ideal beauty.

Untangling the politics of black hair

Thursday May 29 2014, 7pm | Selfridges Department Store

Straight, braided or afro - black hair speaks volumes. Some argue that the black woman who straightens her hair is being untrue to herself. But is that really so different from a brunette dyeing her hair blonde?

The Pinkification of Young Girls

Thursday June 5 2014, 7pm | Selfridges Department Store

Campaigners lambast the princess brand for teaching young girls the joys of pretty passivity when they could revere high female achievers instead. Others argue that a pink toy vacuum cleaner is hardly going to turn a girl into a subservient doormat. Harmless fantasy or dangerous stereotyping?

Steven Pinker on Good Writing with Ian McEwan

Thursday September 25 2014, 7pm | Royal Geographical Society

On September 25th Steven Pinker returns to the Intelligence Squared stage to discuss his latest publication 'The Sense of Style', a short and entertaining writing guide for the 21st century. Pinker will argue that bad writing can't be blamed on the internet, or on "the kids today".

Napoleon the Great?

Wednesday October 8 2014, 7pm | Royal Institution of Great Britain

As the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo approaches in 2015, Intelligence Squared brings together two of Britain’s finest historians to debate how we should assess Napoleon’s life and legacy: a military genius and father of the French state, or a blundering nonentity who created his own enduring myth?
Shakespeare vs Milton

Shakespeare vs Milton

Sunday June 22 2014, 6.45pm | Venue to be confirmed

Shakespeare was the greatest literary genius England – or even the world – has produced. But his preeminence is rivalled by Milton whose admirers claim his political and philosophical engagement make him a man as much for our times as his own.

The Beauty Project Debates

May 1 - June 5 | Selfridges Department Store

We all love a beautiful view, work of art or building. But when it comes to personal beauty things get a little more complicated. Very few of us feel that we’re beautiful enough. However, whether you’re young, old, male or female, a parent, a conformist or a rebel, you’ll find your concerns addressed in this special series.

How to Think Like a Freak

Wednesday May 28 2014, 7pm | Royal Geographical Society

On 28th May Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner come to Intelligence Squared to discuss their new book, 'Think Like a Freak'. By analysing the decisions we make, the plans we create and the morals we choose, they’ll show how their insights can be applied to our lives to help us make smarter decisions.
How to Look Hot at 100

How to look hot at 100

Thursday May 1 2014, 7pm | Selfridges Department Store

Children born today are predicted to live till well over 100. Craggy older men like Harrison Ford and Sean Connery are still seen as heartthrobs, but the story is different for women. There’s a broad perception that female beauty and glamour have a sell-by date - but does that have to be the case?
A History of Beauty and Ugliness

A History of Beauty and Ugliness by Stephen Bayley

Thursday May 8 2014, 7pm | Selfridges Department Store

Ugliness is superior to beauty because it lasts longer. So says design guru Stephen Bayley who will be examining every aspect of beauty and ugliness in this talk. Bayley will argue that the history of art shows that "beauty" has no constant values. So what exactly are we talking about when we talk about beauty?
Vanity, Thy Name is Man

Vanity, thy Name is Man

Thursday May 15 2014, 7pm | Selfridges Department Store

Male vanity is nothing new. From codpieces in the Elizabethan age to the dandy at the end of the 19th century, through to punk safety pins and mohicans, men's grooming has its own rich history