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If You Believe You Are a Citizen of the World, You Are A Citizen of Nowhere

If You Are a Citizen of the World, You Are A Citizen of Nowhere

Monday 5 March 2018, 7pm | Emmanuel Centre

For some, being a citizen of the world is a badge of honour, not shame. But others feel the strongest sense of solidarity with those who share their history, language and common culture. Join us on March 5th to unpack these divisions at the heart of contemporary politics.
Break Up The Tech Giants

Break Up The Tech Giants

Wednesday 17 January 2018, 6.45pm | Emmanuel Centre

Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft have become the biggest companies on the planet, each utterly dominating the market they operate in. Is it time to break them up? Or should we protect and champion the benefits they have brought to the wider world? Join our debate and make up your own mind.

James Rhodes And Armando Iannucci

Thursday 1 February 2018, 7pm | Cadogan Hall

Armando Iannucci and James Rhodes come to our stage to discuss the transcendent power of music. These two exceptional minds will be using the concert grand at Cadogan Hall to show how the great composers can touch our hearts and change our lives.


Wednesday 7 February 2018, 7pm | Emmanuel Centre

Today's millennials complain that they are crippled by student debt, with ever diminishing prospects of buying a house. Many blame the baby boomers for being a uniquely selfish bunch who have hoarded all the goodies for themselves. But are the older generations being unfairly scapegoated by the young?
The Left has right on its side

The Left has right on its side

Wednesday 21 February 2018, 7pm | Emmanuel Centre

The Left has always championed a fairer, more equal society and fought to protect the weak from the strong. But do its adherents really care, or are they just bathing in the warm glow of virtue signalling? And is it actually the Right, with its emphasis on freedom of choice and the value of tradition, that has the best interests of society at heart?