The Brexit Deal: Decision Time

Monday 3 December 2018, 6.45pm | PODCAST NOW ONLINE

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It’s a definingmoment for British democracy. This December, Parliament will vote on whether to approve or reject Theresa May’s draft Brexit withdrawal agreement. With the nation’s future hanging in the balance, some have called this the greatest crisis Britain has faced since Suez.

On Monday December 3rd, Intelligence Squared brought together three prominent lawmakers to debate the three options ahead. Should Parliament vote to accept May’s deal? Should MPs vote it down, so the government can return to the EU negotiations and threaten to leave without a deal? Or should there be a second referendum on the withdrawal agreement, with the option of remaining in the EU?

Arguing in favour of a second referendum on the deal, with the option of remaining in the EU

Andrew Adonis

Labour Party peer who served as a minister in the governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown for five years. He is widely regarded as the architect of the academies and tuition fee policies under New Labour. After leaving government he became chairman of the National Infrastructure Commission, a position he resigned in protest over Brexit. He supports Britain remaining in the European Union.

Arguing for the government to renegotiate and threaten to leave without a deal

Daniel Hannan

Leading pro-Brexit politician and Conservative Member of the European Parliament for South East England.

Arguing for Theresa May’s draft withdrawal agreement

Nicky Morgan

Conservative MP for Loughborough and former Secretary of State for Education under David Cameron. She is now Chair of the Treasury Select Committee. She has come out in support of Theresa May’s deal.




Nick Robinson

Presenter on Radio 4’s Today programme and former BBC political editor.

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