Naomi Wolf on ‘Vagina: A New Biography’

Thursday 6 September 2012, 11.57pm | Video now online

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American author Naomi Wolf made her name with The Beauty Myth, a book that exposed the tyranny of the ideal of female beauty. Now she’s back with a no less dramatic or controversial new work. In Vagina: A New Biography Wolf makes the case that the vagina is much more than a sex organ – it is integral to female well-being, and a catalyst to female creativity, confidence and identity.

In this talk for Intelligence Squared she explained how the latest neuroscience reveals fascinating new discoveries about the vagina and female wellbeing, and discussed sexual relationships, pornography, history and literature. She showed how men can learn more about ‘what women really need’, and how women can experience themselves in a new way.


The Times“She argues, with really quite commendable courage, that being fulfilled as a woman means being treated like a lady. And if that isn’t a radical feminist message I don’t know what is.” – Sarah Vine, The Times

The Independent“Wolf’s tome could not have been better timed. As the Russian government found themselves trapped in an international PR disaster while they quashed their home-grown Pussy Riot, male politicians across the world were busy tying themselves up in knots over definitions of rape.” – Viv Groskop, The Independent



Naomi Wolf. Image: Sigrid EstradaNaomi Wolf – American feminist author and social critic; author of the bestselling The Beauty Myth