Jesus would have voted Democrat

Monday 29 October 2012, 7.49pm | Video now available

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Remember the rich man and the eye of the needle? Blessed are the meek? The last shall be first? Jesus didn’t hold much truck for wealth or power, nor was he exactly a supporter of family values. He didn’t even encourage hard work (“Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin”). So you might easily conclude that like every other liberal Jesus would have voted Democrat.

Yet most God-fearing, church-going Americans vote Republican, the party associated with the rich and powerful. Is that because the Right fundamentally has the public good at heart? Tough love, after all, is still love, even if it means harsh treatment of the work-shy and feckless (or, as Romney knows them, the ’47 percent’).


Jesus would have voted Democrat

Conor GeartyConor Gearty

Professor of human rights law at LSE and legal correspondent for The Tablet


Jesus would have voted Republican 

James BoysJames Boys

US Political Expert, Kings College London & Richmond University, London


Jesus would have been a swing voter

Tim MontgomerieTim Montgomerie

Editor of the ConservativeHome website and Conservative activist


Jesus wouldn’t have voted for either main party

Giles FraserGiles Fraser

Former Canon Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral, and Guardian columnist



Jonathan FreedlandJonathan Freedland

Guardian columnist, author and broadcaster


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