Dan Pink on the Science of Buoyancy

Lessons from Social Psychology on How To Bounce Back From Rejection

Thursday 28 February 2013, 9.50pm | VIDEO NOW ONLINE

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It happens to all of us every day. You get rejected. Your customer doesn’t buy. Your boss doesn’t agree. Your crush doesn’t say yes. In this provocative and entertaining talk, exclusive to Intelligence Squared, American author Daniel H. Pink harvested a rich trove of social science to explain the theory and practice of bouncing back. He showed why questioning your abilities is often more effective than affirming them; why being positive (but not too positive) can improve your performance; and how to explain failure in ways that prepare you for your next encounter.

Dan Pink is the author of the New York Times and BusinessWeek bestsellers A Whole New Mind and Drive. His 18-minute lecture on the science of motivation is one of the twenty most-viewed TED Talks of all time. He has written for the New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company and Wired, where he is a contributing editor. He has provided analysis for CNN, CNBC, ABC, NPR and other networks in the U.S. and abroad. Pink lectures on economic transformation and the new workplace at corporations, associations and universities around the world. His latest book is To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Persuading, Convincing and Influencing Others.

Financial TimesPink is rapidly acquiring international guru status…He is an engaging writer who challenges and provokes – Financial Times
The New YorkerProvocative and fascinating – Malcolm Gladwell on Drive
The GuardianInspiring – The Guardian
The Wall Street JournalThese lessons are worth repeating, and if more companies feel emboldened to follow Mr. Pink’s advice, then so much the better – Wall Street Journal