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James Comey in Conversation with Emily Maitlis on Speaking Truth To Power

Speaker: James Comey
Chair: Emily Maitlis

The World Should Recognise Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital

Speakers for the motion: Natasha Hausdorff, Ehud Olmert
Speakers against the motion: Ghada Karmi, Jack Straw
Chair: Emily Maitlis

The Threat From Russia: Can Putin Be Stopped?

Speakers: Anne Applebaum, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Ivan Krastev, Michael McFaul
Chair: Jonathan Freedland

Stop Brexit

Speakers for the motion: Gina Miller, Chuka Umunna
Speakers against the motion: Gerard Lyons, Isabel Oakeshott
Chair: Nick Robinson

The Left has right on its side

Speakers for the motion: Stella Creasy, George Monbiot
Speakers against the motion: Kwasi Kwarteng, Roger Scruton
Chair: Razia Iqbal

If You Believe You Are a Citizen of the World, You Are A Citizen of Nowhere

Speakers: David Goodhart, David Landsman, Simon Schama, Elif Shafak
Chair: Kamal Ahmed

Ten Years On: The Financial Crisis and the State of Modern Capitalism

Speakers: Torsten Bell, Mervyn King, Mariana Mazzucato
Chair: Kamal Ahmed

Warfare: The New Rules

Speakers: Jamie Bartlett, Angela Sasse, Jeh Johnson
Chair: Nick Robinson

Michael Lewis On How Behavioural Economics Changed The World

Speaker: Michael Lewis
Chair: Stephanie Flanders

The Great Realignment

Speakers: Hilary Benn, Kenneth Clarke, David Goodhart, Helen Lewis, Anand Menon
Chair: Stephen Sackur

Naomi Klein on Donald Trump and the new shock politics

Speaker: Naomi Klein
Chair: Kamal Ahmed

Niall Ferguson on History’s Hidden Networks

Speaker: Niall Ferguson
Chair: Rana Mitter

The EU is failing Europe’s citizens

For the motion: Kalypso Nicolaïdis, Hristo Ivanov
Against the motion: Nick Clegg, Josef Janning
Chair: Katya Adler

Europe on the Edge

Speakers: Paul Collier, Douglas Murray, Christine Ockrent, Elif Shafak, Luigi Zingales
Chair: Jonathan Freedland