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The World Should Recognise Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital

Speakers for the motion: Natasha Hausdorff, Ehud Olmert
Speakers against the motion: Ghada Karmi, Jack Straw
Chair: Emily Maitlis

The Threat From Russia: Can Putin Be Stopped?

Speakers: Anne Applebaum, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Ivan Krastev, Michael McFaul
Chair: Jonathan Freedland

It’s time to bring Russia in from the cold

Speakers for the motion: Vladimir Pozner, Domitilla Sagramoso
Speakers against the motion: Michael Hayden, Radek Sikorski
Chair: Nik Gowing

Don’t give them what they want: Terrorists should be starved of the oxygen of publicity

Speakers: Fawaz Gerges, Simon Jenkins, Douglas Murray
Chair: Clarissa Ward

Defeating Isis means Western boots on the ground

For the motion: General John Allen, Douglas Murray
Against the motion: Rula Jebreal, Ken Livingstone
Chair: NIk Gowing

The nuclear deal with Iran won’t make the world a safer place

For the motion: Alan Dershowitz, Emily Landau
Against the motion: Norman Lamont, Jack Straw
Chair: Nik Gowing

The West should get out of bed with the House of Saud

For the motion: Mona Eltahawy, Hillary Mann Leverett
Against the motion: Sir Alan Duncan MP, James Rubin
Chair: Zeinab Badawi

Stop Poking the Bear: The West Needs to Engage with Putin Not Castigate Him

For the motion: Tony Brenton, Sergey Karaganov
Against the motion: Julia Ioffe, Edward Lucas
Chair: Nik Gowing

One size doesn’t fit all: Democracy is not always the best form of government

For the motion: Rosemary Hollis, Martin Jacques
Against the motion: Ian Bremmer, Andriy Schevchenko
Chair: Nik Gowing

How Should the World Protect Syria’s Children?

Speakers: Paul Conroy, Justin Forsyth, Dr Rola Hallam, Mikhail Kasyanov, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown
Chair: Jon Sopel

The West Has Failed Syria

Speakers for the motion: Roger Cohen, Sir Nigel Sheinwald
Speakers against the motion: Paddy Ashdown, Rosemary Hollis
Chair: Jonathan Freedland

Jeffrey Sachs on John F. Kennedy and His Quest for Peace

Speaker: Jeffrey Sachs

Fight Your Own Battles: Foreign Powers Shouldn’t Intervene in the Middle East

Speakers for the motion: Susan Abulhawa, Sir Andrew Green
Speakers against the motion: Shadi Hamid, Nick Tyrone
Chair: Jonathan Freedland

“America’s Drone Campaign is Both Moral and Effective”

Speakers for the motion: David Aaronovitch, Douglas Murray
Speakers against the motion: Professor Noel Sharkey, Clive Stafford-Smith
Expert panel (via Google+ Hangouts): Professor Michael Boyle, Professor Christine Fair, Ibrahim Mothana, Dr Mohammad Taqi
Chair: Jeremy O’Grady