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The Battle for the Countryside: Britain Should Rewild its Uplands

Speakers for the motion: Mark Cocker, George Monbiot
Speakers against the motion: Minette Batters, Rory Stewart
Chair: Jonathan Dimbleby

Whose Prosperity?

Speakers: Minister Esther Byer-Suckoo, Winnie Byanyima, Elliott Harris, Dr Jürgen Heraeus, Tim Jackson,
Chair: Robert Collins

Money can grow on trees: what’s good for nature is good for business

Speakers: Tony Juniper, Peter Kareiva, Nick Dearden, Lucy Siegle, Jeremy Oppenheim
Chair: Matthew Taylor

Smarter Mobility: An Evening of Debate

Speakers: Robin Chase, Ben Hamilton-Bailie, Professor Paul Newman, David Rowan, Jerry Sanders
Chair: Matthew Taylor

Innovating for Success: how to create the next generation of british world-beating companies

Speakers: Trevor Baylis OBE, Doug Richard, Alex Schey, Rohan Silva
Chair: Matthew Taylor

Smarter Cities: An Evening of Debate

Speakers: Adam Newton, Enrique Peñalosa, Sunand Prasad, Rick Robinson
Chair: Tony Travers

A Natural Gas Revolution: Hot Air or Dose of Sanity?

Speakers: Wim Thomas, Professor Mike Stephenson, Dr Shamil Yenikeyeff, David Howell, Dr Pierre Noël
Chair: Anne McElvoy

Energy Game Changers

Speakers: Colin Tudge, Professor Michael Duren, Robin Grimes, Professor Stuart Haszeldine, Katrin Bennhold, Professor Wilhelm Schafer
Chair: Katrin Bennhold

Nuclear Energy Must Power our Future

For the motion: Bishop Hugh Montefiore, The Rt Hon Lord Parkinson, Bruno Comby
Against the motion: Mycle Schneider, Zac Goldsmith, Tony Juniper
Chair: Martyn Lewis