Energy Game Changers

Wednesday 28 March 2012, 4.24pm | Royal Institute of British Architects

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Part of the Shell “Switched On” series of events on our energy future

At this event on energy game changers organised by Intelligence² in partnership with Shell and the International Herald Tribune, we put aside for a moment the gloomy predictions about climate armageddon and looked into the exciting solutions being offered by the world of science.

We brought together five brilliant technical innovators who described a scenario decades into the future when the desert will bloom with solar panel farms, nuclear reactors will produce energy from their own nuclear waste, people will travel in low-emission driverless car trains, coal will have been made clean and green, and high-tech, small-scale homesteads will be feeding the 10 billion.

Speakers: Michael Düren, Professor Stuart Haszeldine, Robin Grimes, Wilhelm Schäfer, Colin Tudge

Chair: Katrin Bennhold