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Ian Fleming vs John le Carré

Speakers: Anthony Horowitz, David Farr
Chair: Erica Wagner
Actors: Simon Callow, Matthew Lewis, Alex Macqueen, Lesley Manville

Greece vs Rome, with Boris Johnson and Mary Beard

Championing Greece: Boris Johnson
Championing Rome: Mary Beard
Chair: Andrew Marr
Actors: Max Bennett, Niamh Cusack

Karl Ove Knausgaard: the alchemist of the ordinary

Speaker: Karl Ove Knausgaard
Chair: Robert Collins

Inside the Head of Terry Gilliam

Speaker: Terry Gilliam
Chair: Will Gompertz

Yuval Noah Harari on the myths we need to survive

Speaker: Yuval Noah Harari
Chair: Michael Scott

Burgundy vs Bordeaux

Making the case for Bordeaux: Hugh Johnson
Making the case for Burgundy: Jancis Robinson
Chair: Michel Roux Jr

Rembrandt vs Vermeer

Speakers: Tracy Chevalier, Simon Schama, Tim Marlow

Marina Abramovic on art, performance, time and nothingness

Speaker: Marina Abramovic
Chair: Will Gompertz

Is London too rich to be Interesting?

Speakers: Akala, Simon Jenkins, Tanya Gold, Gavin Turk, Kieran Long

Shakespeare vs Milton

Advocate for Shakespeare: James Shapiro
Advocate for Milton: Nigel Smith
Chair: Erica Wagner
Actors: Pippa Nixon, Sam West, Harriet Walter

The Making of an Art Capital

Speakers: Savita Apte, Louisa Buck, Michael Craig-Martin, Ralph Rugoff
Chair: Georgina Adam

Steven Pinker on Good Writing

Speakers: Steven Pinker, Ian MacEwan

Jane Austen vs Emily Brontë

Advocate for Jane Austen: John Mullan
Advocate for Emily Brontë: Kate Mosse
Chair: Erica Wagner
Actors: Mariah Gale, Eleanor Tomlinson, Dominic West, Sam West

Between you and I the English language is going to the dogs

For the motion: Simon Heffer, John Humphrys
Against the motion: Mary Beard, Oliver Kamm
Chair: Erica Wagner