Welcome to our ever-expanding archive featuring videos of the provocative debates that we’ve hosted in London and around the world since 2002, along with audio debates, written debates and talks by leading writers, politicians and scientists.

A Selection of our Most Recent Events

Eric Schmidt on The New Digital Age

25th May 2013

Eric Schmidt on the New Digital AgeEric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google set out the themes of his new book The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business

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Putin Has Been Good For Russia

23rd May 2013

Putin Has Been Good For RussiaAn apology for tyranny? Or a realistic appraisal of modern Russian realities? That’s the line that fiercely divides opinion and over which the experts from Russia and elsewhere battled on at the RGS on 23rd May 2013.

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Daniel Dennett on Tools To Transform Our Thinking

22nd May 2013

Karl Marx Was RightOn May 22nd Daniel Dennett came to Intelligence Squared to share the insights he has acquired over his 40-year career into the nature of how we think.

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Nate Silver on the Art and Science of Prediction

30th April 2013

Karl Marx Was RightOn April 30th Nate Silver came to Intelligence Squared to discuss the themes of his latest book, The Signal and the Noise.

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Karl Marx Was Right

9th April 2013

Karl Marx Was RightIs Marx the voice we should be heeding? Or are his modern day apostles resuscitating a late Victorian corpse whose main contribution to human affairs has been the Soviet gulag?

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Both Britain and The EU Would Be Happier If They Got Divorced

20th March 2013

Both Britain and the EU Would Be Happier if They Got Divorced
Britain and the EU – isn’t it time we filed for divorce? Britain and other countries outside the eurozone want greater freedom from Brussels, yet to save the euro the economic and political shackles are being tightened. Should we call it a day? Or accept that the EU is our future, warts and all?

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 Featured Shorts

Stephen Fry vs Ann Widdecombe: Catholic Church Short

In this, our first ever iq2 Short, Ann Widdecombe and Stephen Fry lock horns over the motion ‘The Catholic Church is a force for good in the world’.
The animation is adapted from a debate we staged in 2009 which also included Christopher Hitchens and John Olorunfemi Onaiyekan, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Abuja.

Solar Farming in Africa

In the fourth installment of our iq2 Shorts series, Professor Michael Düren of DESERTEC argues that we can harness the African desert sun to power the world.

The animation is adapted from our Switched On evening ‘Energy Game Changers’ from March 2012. Click on the following link to watch the four other carbon cutting energy solutions presented that evening http://bit.ly/I8HLSw

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